Digital signage key ingredient for tasty Instagram selfie ad campaign

A tasty digital out-of-home campaign in San Francisco is combining fine chocolate, social media and digital signage in a fine recipe for branding and engaging with the buying public.
Hershey’s-owned chocolatier Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker recently launched the “Wonderfully Complicated” out-of-home advertising campaign in San Francisco that features everyday consumers as the stars, via 50 outdoor digital signage boards across the city, according to an announcement from Scharffen Berger.
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FitCurves Poster Pillar Workout

BelgradoIn Belgrade, trough time, cylindrical advertising poster column’s get ‘chubby’ with countless layers of posters, and as such, they became one of the recognizable symbols of the city.

In order to promote the new ’30 minutes workout’ for FitCurves gyms, we carved out the mid-section layers of posters. Once this was done, the pillar resembled the human figure with curves. The newly shaped pillar carried the message ‘FitCurves Gym, 30 minutes training to put your curves in the right shape’.

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OOH Dove campaign matches the colour of your outfit

DoveKinetic Active is launching a new campaign using state of the art colour-recognition 6-sheets to celebrate the launch of Unilever’s Dove Invisible Dry deodorant and its ’100 colours’ campaign.

The interactive digital 6-sheets, developed by Grand Visual, have a camera facing out from the screen. A system then recognises the person stood in front of it, takes the dominant colour it sees and applies this to the creative, changing it to reflect the colour of the clothes the person in front is wearing.

The campaign, which will run between 14 and 27 July, has been designed to encourage women to be “colour confident” by using the new Dove Invisible Dry. Each digital screen delivers location specific messaging in a bid to drive consumers to the nearest Boots store.
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Tennent’s Vital unveils interactive music bus shelters

Tennet'sTennent’s Vital has launched a new music experience ‘TuneTap’, which allows the public to take control of the music playlist at selected bus shelter locations.

This is a market first for out of home media (OOH) in Northern Ireland.

The Tennent’s Vital TuneTap OOH special comprises five customised Clear Channel Adshel bus shelters in Belfast that will be broadcasting music through an ‘intelligent’ sound solution.

When the consumer uses a smartphone or tablet device to interact with the NFC or QR code on the Adshel display, they will be directed to a music playlist on their device’s screen where they can search and vote for their preferred songs.

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Dubbelfunctie voor billboard

Slowakije goed 2Een Slovaaks bedrijf heeft een innovatieve oplossing bedacht om daklozen te huisvesten: in billboards. Het gaat om compacte woonruimtes die deels betaald worden uit de inkomsten van reclame op de buitenwanden.

Het Slovaakse ontwerpbureau Design Develop zegt met de goedkope woonunits een concept bedacht te hebben waarbij het aanbrengen van de reclame gemakkelijker wordt en het onderhoud van de billboards eenvoudiger.
De driehoekige billboard-appartementen hebben twee ruimtes. In de ene ruimte zijn een keuken, een klein bureau en een bergruimte met daarboven een bed te vinden. In een aparte ruimte zijn een douchecabine, wastafel en wc te vinden.
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